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Awesome Aglio Olio
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I've always mistook TCC as just another Starbucks or coffeebean. I've always thought they served overpriced coffee, and I already have my favourite drink at Starbucks, why would I need another coffee place? I guess that is why despite passing by the TCC outlet in Orchard millions of time, I've never once stepped in to try the food until very recently.

Thanks to GSS, TCC is now having a 1-for-1 promotion for their main courses and pastas. It was this very promotion that enticed my friends and I to give it a try. The usual price for its mains can easily go beyond $20, which is really pricey. The food, however, is well-worth the price, in my opinion. The Seafood Aglio Olio I had was close to perfection, and I enjoyed every single forkful of it! Not only does it come topped with tasty marinated prawns (most places simply dump boiled prawns, if any at all), it also came with scallops in it! It was definitely a blissful meal, and the portion was quite generous. The Aglio Olio is not for the faint-hearted though. If you are not a huge fan of spice, I'd recommend you request for your aglio olio to be cooked less spicy, or you're sure to burn your tongue!

A friend of mine had a Baby Crayfish Spaghetti and I thought it was awfully tasty as well. It tasted a little like spaghetti drowned in chilli crab paste - definitely an interesting twist to the usual cream and tomato-based pastas! I'd love to order that the next time I dine at TCC, if I could give up my aglio olio!

We also ordered a New York Cheesecake to share. The presentation was enticing, but it was nothing to be raved about. I'd stick to the mains next time.

As for the service, it was impeccable. My friends and I stayed for closed to 2 whole hours, chilling and catching up, and was not once disturbed by the crew. Instead, they promptly refilled our glasses of water as soon as we finished them, even though we stopped ordering food and drinks since they cleared our plates of pastas.

I'd definitely be back for more!

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