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People usually pack their donuts and go, but for J.CO in particular, I prefer having my donuts in the cafe itself - paired with an ice-cold, chocolate drink.

What separates J.CO from other donut shops is exactly that - their extensive range of beverages. I love getting just a simple Iced Chocolate paired with any kind of chocolate donut. It’s kind of like a budget version of Starbucks - a cafe with yummier, chocolate or yoghurt drinks, and reasonably priced, baked treats. J.CO is great for small groups of friends too - you guys can grab a box of donuts, a drink each, and just chill the afternoon away - something I do with my family at J.CO often.

Yes, all my family members are fans of J.CO. Sometimes my mum would bring home a box on a random day, and it instantly feels like Christmas! Except that instead of the latest game console, I get my favourite oreo donuts - which are almost as good.
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