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Other Sports D david-tan December 03, 2012 319
Short lived fun best saved for a rainy day
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If you don’t mind embarrassing yourself and running the risk of falling flat on your face, ice skating is always a fun way to spend spare time on the weekend. The only issue at The Rink though, is that you’re likely to lose your friends against the swarm of other people with the exact same idea. It’s fun for a while, before you get bored of having to avoid cocky teenagers and girls dropping their phones on the ice, but if all you’re looking for is an awkwardness free first date or a way to spend a rainy Sunday, you may as well give it a try.

What did I learn? I was sent off by my mum insisting that it will be freezing, why I believed her I still don’t know, but I turned up with two jackets and quickly regretted my actions. It gets extremely hot on the ice, so make sure that you have a few dollars spare for a locker and put all jackets, coats etc. inside. Also if you’re boots aren’t quite right, try a different size until they are, blisters to remind you of your trip are not the kind of memories that you want to leave with.

It only costs $17.50 for 2 hours of both skating and boot rental each, so you get what you expect for the amount that you pay. It’s a fun one off thing to do if you’re bored on the weekend or don’t know what to do with friends, but I found that the novelty of being on ice quickly wore off and constantly avoiding so many people on the ice got tiring pretty quickly.
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