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Parks & Gardens A aravind March 30, 2012 440
More lights please!
(Updated: March 05, 2013)
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Sembawang Park is certainly a convenient venue to launch a game of potlucks and picnics just like I did. It was spacious and the venue wasn't over crowded. There wasn't even a need for parasols to shield ourselves away from the scorching sun there! The canopy of leaves from the humongous trees that towered there were sufficient in blocking out most of those UV radiated rays. Hence, this venue is certainly not one where I was sweat pro-fused thanks to its cooling environment that conquered Singapore's usual sweltering hot temperatures!

Unfortunately, it was slightly eerie come night fall. I recalled scurrying to a nearby bus stop. We packed in a rush as we found ourselves being enveloped in darkness. Some of my friends even relied on the lights emitted from phones! More publicity and lightings should be installed for this particular park to be lighted up with a liveliness at night!

The taxis were a rare sighting there too! We resorted to dialling the hotline number for Comfort Delgro Cabs. Our wallets began weeping thanks to the additional fare derived from the cab call!

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The temperature there!
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