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Parks & Gardens A aravind March 30, 2012 440
Sit back and relax, with the sea under your feet
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Sembawang Park is quite a distance from Bedok, so it's no surprise that I am not a frequent visitor here. The few times I did come here was always at night. It was always high tide and the beach was always swallowed by the sea. Hence, I have never seen Sembawang sand before.

Driving in by the road, I always felt that Sembawang Park was one long, dark and deserted place.. until you reach the sea. Then, it suddenly becomes alive with anglers, couples and groups of friends chatting around everywhere. If you can manage to find an empty spot at the sea wall, you could literally sit down with the sea just under your feet - something you don't get to do much in Singapore. Watching the sea at such a low point of view is a pretty cool experience!

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