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Parks & Gardens A aravind March 30, 2012 626
"Interacting" with the Monkeys!
(Updated: October 06, 2012)
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I was amused by the scenic view the time I arrived at the park. To me, the view was pretty much a mural. Looking at the reflections of trees on the water across the reservoir and cloudy blue sky, it triggered the little photography genes in me, causing me to stop for a little too long snapping pictures away with my phone.

There are many trails available for us to choose from and being adventurous, my friends and I chose the longest route. We had bought Macdonalds takeaways for our lunch and we were munching on our burgers happily, ignorant of our surroundings. Just as we were approaching the entrance of the route, we were suddenly greeted with a huge bunch of excited monkeys (I think they are long-tail macaques), coming straight at us! That moment was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We girls quickly keep our food into our bags. At the same time, the boys started running and trying their best to force the burger into their mouth with the monkeys chasing them! What a sight! Fortunately, the monkeys stopped their chase once the food were out of their sight.

As we started our hike with such an amazing entrance, the remaining journey was quite uneventful. There are different flowers and trees we saw, but the best part was getting close to the greenery and enjoying the fresh air (apart from one inconsiderate man smoking at one point). The journey through the thick greens was very relaxing and a great opportunity for friends to chat while doing a small workout!

We still get lots of mosquito bites despite spamming whole bottle of insect repellent as we hike. So do remember to get a good brand of repellent. As the air can get a little humid at some point, do wear thinly and drink lots of water.
But I think all the perspiration is still worth it.
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