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Parks & Gardens L lydia-hunter January 11, 2016 1003
Good, cheap fun, just don’t expect fancy kit
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Sometimes I realise that I spend too much time hiding inside in the air con, so when I decide to man up and face the heat my favourite place to go is East Coast Park. Walking however, is boring if you’re not a hiker or into slow activities, so the bike and skate rental at Lifestyle Bike N Skate always gives me another reason to stop being such a vampire and actually face the sun. When renting a bike starts from just $3, it gives you the chance to actually enjoy the sun and the heat, rather than hide from it at all costs.

Remember to bring your NRIC card, bit odd in my opinion that for something so cheap they need your card for insurance, but unless you intend on stealing an old basic bike then you have nothing to worry about. If you get skates, make sure you get all the free safety kit that you can get, because you will at some point fall over or come very close to doing so. Also, don’t be scared of changing your mind on what you want to rent, when my friend realised about 8.3 seconds after putting on the skates that they were not for her, they were fine in swapping them for a bike, thank goodness because I could not have dealt with her crying the entire time.

Don’t expect the newest and fanciest of kit, it’s your typical rented equipment that you pay cheap money for, but what’s important is that it works and it will get you along the park and back in one piece. Good, cheap fun, and by the end of the day you’ll be an expert at swerving past joggers and walkers alike.
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