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Chinese Garden sounds like a place only people with a love for chinese culture would visit, doesn't it? Indeed, it is no surprise that it is a garden filled with culture and history, even the decorations put up mostly signified a certain chinese festivity.

The place is surprisingly serene enough to echo reticence. It is definitely a welcomed change from the commercialized parks in Singapore, especially with the difference in plantations and vibe that it sends. It is very rare for a person like me to appreciate the chinese culture and history in depth despite my ethnicity. However, this garden managed to construe mundane antiquities into a kind of charm I could not resist. So for an entire afternoon, I busked with the bamboo trees and calligraphic walls. Moreover the pavilions make good resting spots and a great setting for photo shoots as well.

A definite gem I discovered at the park would surely be the live turtle and tortoise museum! Initially I was hesitant to pay $5 for the entry because firstly I'm not a lover of turtles and secondly, the place honestly did not look inviting. How wrong I was to have judged the book by its cover. The mini museum is nothing like the air-conditioned buildings you would usually visit. Instead it is an open-air habitat to the hundreds of turtles in diverse species. Upon entry I was given a bunch of fresh vegetables to feed the roaming turtles, and that was really something that I enjoyed! I could go on about how fascinating it is to discover so many types of turtles I never thought could exist, but it is really best that you explore this hidden asset yourself!

That aside, the spacious garden also caters to joggers and cyclist with very well paved tracks. In fact I love how secluded this garden feels even though it is just situated beside the MRT. It was as though I was transported to another land, away from this bustling city.

Its peace is truly golden.

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