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Parks & Gardens R ryeohyunelf December 03, 2012 345
Gardens under snow
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My mandarin's pretty bad. In fact, the last formal examination I passed was when I was thirteen. As such, I've been mocked and looked down on by the slightly more traditional demography of this society. But I must say I absolutely respect the Chinese culture with it's colourful history, interesting architectural design, and love for discipline and art.

The Mandarin gardens embody all that in one physical location. Located at a corner of Singapore I almost never go to, I find it befits my disposition towards the language. But occasionally, when I do find an excuse to go there, I admire the tranquility and peace that's so predominant in the asian culture. Going there reminds me that while I travel and gain different experiences around the world, I should never forget to look back, to see the gardens I came from.
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