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Parks & Gardens R ryeohyunelf December 03, 2012 345
Calmness + Fresh Air = Relaxed Soul
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Chinese Garden is yet another one of Singapore's vast gardens suited for family bonding. Its wide area is big enough for picnics and the picturesque landscape perfect for photo taking. Adorned with splendid Chinese gardening art and architecture, visiting this place is a must for both locals and tourists alike. There are plenty of trees to give shade too that make the place cooler and relaxing. Among the dominant and striking structures are the Pagodas and the bridge connecting the Chinese and Japanese Garden.

However, it could be very hot on very sunny days. I think it is best visited on early mornings or late afternoons. Children can play and run around to their heart's content while older ones can just sit under a tree for reading and relaxation. The Fish Paradise and Live Turtle Museum are added attractions too.

This place is indeed for a whole day family picnic. Just be sure to bring enough food and drinks as there is not much to buy. After all, eating a basketful of home made or take away food is what makes picnic a little more fun.
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