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Parks & Gardens R ryeohyunelf December 03, 2012 347
A piece of china on our sunny island
(Updated: January 15, 2013)
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Bar the weather, I find the setting of Chinese Garden to be reminiscent of some of the gardens I visited in china. With a peacefulness and serenity similar to that of a temple, here is where I go to reflect on my life and to ponder deeply about big decisions that I have to make.

If you ask me, I feel that life’s best decisions are made when your mind is at its calmest state. Here is where you can do that without actually being in a place of worship.

Personal thoughts aside, the Chinese architecture here is remarkably authentic and beautiful to look at. If you want a glimpse of china’s beauty without actually taking a flight there, than this is a relatively close enough replica of the original.

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