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Parks & Gardens R ryeohyunelf December 03, 2012 342
Peace for the mind
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It's beautifully landscaped with calm lakes, a variety of flora, and small towers with oddly relaxing views, but don't go there if you're in search of excitement or a romantic date because it will turn out boring. Since the place is little known, there are few visitors, and thus remains a safe refuge for those who go there looking to clear their minds.

I went there once on a school trip, and most other visitors are above 40 years of age. Some were having their morning exercise, others strolling along the small paths lined with flower bushes, listening to the sound of the breeze and the chirping of the cicadas. Some of the more spiritual folks were even meditating, clearly at ease and peace of mind. There is even a shop there which sells Buddhist talismans and ornaments.

In fact, the calming effect there is so great that it even quieted the group of small children I was there with. There are pavilions by the lake, so we stopped under one of the larger ones and had a picnic there while enjoying the lake view as well as the koi fishes swimming in there. The whole picture looks like it could have been out of one of those dramas about ancient China. As I said earlier, there are also small towers, and we climbed up them (the staircase spirals up the inner wall of the tower, and there are small windows to see the scenary outside), finally reaching the top where a beautiful view of the area awaited us.
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