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Parks & Gardens R ryeohyunelf December 03, 2012 345
A little under-rated
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I used to go to Chinese Gardens all the time when I was younger for its famed Mid Autumn Festival celebrations. There would be lantern displays of every possible cartoon character placed strategically throughout the garden, and against the dark backdrop of the night sky, the lanterns certainly made for a truly stunning sight, and even now, I can vaguely remember the beauty of the place back then.

Now, Chinese Gardens has definitely lost some of its hype. Once a vibrant place during the Mid Autumn Festival, it's hard to even spot crowds in here, even on weekends or public holidays. The annual lantern celebrations that used to take place there has seemingly faded out, since I no longer hear of any news of such events. Perhaps there still are such celebrations going on, but the minimal hype about them is almost pitiful.

The place has also gone through significant wear and tear, perhaps due to negligent maintenance, but there is a certain captivating beauty about the place that would probably make for a romantic stroll.

The architecture there is gorgeous as well, and is an amazing variant from the countless rows of CBD buildings that line our city. Although Chinese Gardens is a little out of the way, but I have no doubt that the natural beauty that surrounds the place will not disappoint.

Come on, Chinese Gardens really needs more love.

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