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Parks & Gardens A aravind March 30, 2012 904
Excites our five senses!
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I don't describe myself to be sporty, and sometimes I am just too lazy to even move. But once I come in sight with nature and things that allow me some adrenaline rush (or just make me feel healthy xD), some perspiration is nothing!

My visit to Changi Beach Park are usually either a night stroll after much delicacious from the nearby hawker, or a pit stop for my cycling trips around different parks through connectors. Well, it has to be a pit stop for me. The peaceful (there are not much people), surroundings allow me to just enjoy the scenic view (but there are just too much boats sometimes) or lie on the sand. Hearing the waves, enjoying the sea breeze and basking myself in the warm sunlight... Marvellous. I can do that all day. A perfect place to that excites all our five senses.

One thing I don't really like and yet unavoidable are the smokers. Not a fan of smoke myself, I always get upset at the smell of it. And since the beach is such an open space, it is quite difficult to avoid the smoke with the wind changing direction all the time...
Other than that, it will be a perfect place for some family bonding and of course, a place just for one to be alone to do reflections or just daydream.
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