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Parks & Gardens A aravind March 30, 2012 397
Beautiful place
(Updated: June 16, 2012)
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I've recently visited the newly renovated Bishan Park, accompanying a friend to walk her dog. The place is now huge, with tiny streams converging into a large stream through its length. It is definitely a beautiful sight - a perfect place for a picnic or a photoshoot!

My friend unleashed her dog at the park, and did she frolic through the place as happy as a lamb! We simply followed her as she explored the park. There were pathways for joggers to enjoy, and also little 'brick' roads away from the usual routes, leading to steps of stones across the large stream. We certainly felt like kids again, jumping from stone to stone to cross the stream!

It is certainly a place where an adult can relive her childhood days, and also for little kids to enjoy the beautiful outdoors instead of facing the computer all day. At Bishan Park, we spotted many kids trying to catch the little fishes in the streams. It certainly reminds me of the times my aunt brought me to Qianhu Fish Farm to catch the fishes in the drains when I was younger!

We were there on a weekday afternoon, so we basically had most of the park to ourselves, but I heard that on weekends, the place would be packed with people, so if you are looking to spend a tranquil day at the park, perhaps it would be better to avoid family days like Sundays!

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