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Nature Reserves A aravind March 30, 2012 2191
Perfect for a long, natural hike
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A common complaint among Singaporeans is that there are hardly any “real” natural areas around. I don’t disagree, but I feel that the Central Catchment Area – which includes the Dairy Farm section – is a nice place to get away from the city life.

I can suggest a 4 to 5-hour slow trek from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to Dairy Farm Park. This isn’t just for outdoor junkies – anyone who can walk comfortably can try this out. Just bring ample water and trail food (nuts, dried fruits) because there are no vending machines in certain areas. You will however find plenty of huts along the way, with benches to sit on and rest.

When you arrive at the WELL, you will probably feel some relief at seeing civilisation once again. There, you can take a well-deserved break (there are toilets and water coolers) while touring the exhibits and snapping a picture with the cow sculptures.

Of course, you could start from WELL and end up in Bt Timah instead, but I prefer to finish where there aren’t too many people, so I can have my quiet moment of accomplishment. Bt Timah is almost always full of visitors.

Happy trekking!

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