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Nature Reserves A aravind March 30, 2012 2191
No milk or farm here...but nice place for a hike.
(Updated: June 23, 2013)
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Kudos to the S'pore urban planners [ no, I don't get any special privilege by praising them.. (^_^) ] In our densely built up city living...there's still the possibility of getting our craving for nature fixes answered within 30min of driving (a fair bit more needed via public transportation though) time from anywhere. The transition from "garden city" to "city in a garden" is certainly taking shape.

Dairy Farm Nature Park to the uninitiated is somewhat a "misnomer". There's certainly no milk , butter or cheese to speak of. Neither is there a farm. The namesake is just a hark back to the area early history. But there is a "cow" at the park visitor centre (a conserved cow-shed) though, except it's of the stiff variety which have no chance of developing any mad cow disease.

The centre is named Wallace Education Centre which also serves as an exhibition and learning facility for visitors. It's a the de-facto place to be enlightened about the history of Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, before commencing on the Wallace Trail hike.

The trail is about 1 km long and should last about 30min of unhurried easy walk. It would be good to bring along mozzies repellant and perhaps a hiking stick. Covered shoes and drinking water would make the hike more pleasant. Shutterbugs should find some good pic opportunity to use their camera macro mode.

Personally, the highlight of the hike would be the rest shelter and look out point at the disused quarry wetland, which is an easy walk from the Wallace Trail ........and free entry and free parking should sweeten the experience that much more....

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The quarry view and free parking
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