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Nature Reserves A aravind March 30, 2012 2191
Lulubelle on guard
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A dairy farm in Singapore? I found it hard to believe, but there is it, or rather, was. Originally, the naturalist Wallace wandered round here in the 1800s collecting species from the then dense forest. The Wallace Path is a delightful stroll through the subsequent forest that turns off to the left and does a circuit back to the dairy farm. It is well worth the detour as it represents the best in forest walks: narrow, natural paths-not motorway width walkways.

You can thank/blame/accuse Cold Storage for this fascinating anachronism. All that is left of this doomed venture are a couple of charming old farmer's cottages and the huge dairies. It is a shame they don't do up the cottages as well. Nonetheless the old dairies house exhibits and educational displays covering not just the history of the farm, but, perhaps far more importantly, the Wallace story with its focus on nature.

It is certainly a surprising place to find in a tropical forest. And the black and white moo cow that guards the front entrance (I wonder what her name is?) is great. Perhaps people should start to walk past her and rub her udder for luck. After all, milk, for better or worse, is an important part of our diet.

God help us all if milk drinkers start to turn to powder!
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