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Flies everywhere...
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I like sports. In fact, I am in love with the adrenaline rush and the great sense of satisfaction I always get while achieving every little target I had set for myself. For the past years, I have been doing land sports until recently, I found my love wih swimming.

I am not a good swimmer and had only learnt with my friend. A side note, we did not learn with a teacher, but from observing others and trying out our own. (It's a new experience, if you cant't swim or is a weak swimmer, do try it out! haha). With my increasing hectic schedules, I hardly have the time to swim regularly. But I manage to squeeze time out on sunday night.

My few visits to Tampines Safra swimming pool was really satisfying (well, I managed to swim laps, insteads of random water playing). And guess what swam with me? I saw these little friends while trying to gasp for breath. Just as I open my mouth, they try to house in it... There were not one, but countless of them, everywhere regardless of the many lanes I switched to. There were not many swimmers, only about other 5 of them.

It's pretty funny to see all the swimmers swimming in a zig-zag manner trying to avoid them!

I suppose the presence of the little friends were dure to the fact that sunday night is the "last batch" of water to be used before pool maintenance on monday morning. So do avoid sunday night swimming if you can!

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February 14, 2014
"Little friends" as in flies? :O That's kind of horrifying haha
Crystal Ho
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