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A New Climbing Exprience
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For experienced climbers like me who has been training her few years at Climb Asia, Onsight offers a totally new concept (think extremely open and spacious) and has its speciality rooted in other aspects.

High Wall routes are more power/strength based, compared to Climb Asia's routes of being more techniques based.

Their Lead Walls are quite a sight though, given the large space Onsight possess, they have really put it to good use by creating huge, magnificent, even towering Lead walls frequently used in competitions. I think Onsight is really good and superior to many other climbing gyms in this aspect, so if you're looking for some not-so-cheap but relatively still affordable thrill, head down to Onsight!

I don't exactly like the texture of the wood-based walls compared to Climb Asia though, I guess it's just personal preference. The climbing handholds are totally different from what Climb Asia has to offer so you could try both gyms. What Onsight has to offer though is a wider array of climbing walls for you to climb on. They used to have landing crash pads that weren't very seasoned and tad hard to land on, but they have since introduced softer layers of mattress/crash pads so I'm quite pleased with that.

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