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Complex & Sports Facilities X xinty August 05, 2012 234
Perfect for Amateurs and Advance Climbers
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As an experienced climber who has been climbing for the past 5 years, climbasia has been my home for training.

Climbasia ranks highly on safety and professionalism. For safety reasons, make sure you have a level 1 certificate before you can belay others, and a level 2 certificate if you were to work on the outdoor wall. Any help you need with the equipments (which they rent out at a cost), feel free to ask those manning the counters. They will be glad to help. They pride themselves in being the climbing professionals and having trained at Climbasia for the past five years I don't see any reason to doubt this, both in terms of professionalism and safety wise. 

Climbasia has facilities both for amateur and advanced climbers. Their indoor climbing gym has two floors, the top consists of mostly non-inclined walls for beginners and the first floor consists of inclined walls at varying degrees as well as a roof.

A must go to if you are geared up towards embarking on a new, adrenaline-packed adventure.

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