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quiet, soothing ambience
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Glass window surrounds the restaurant from ceiling to floor, creating a dome like structure that allows it to blend in with Laselle's state of the art building. The name of the restaurant imprinted on the glass gives an old school feeling and the name is a quirky title by itself.

This restaurant is great for small gatherings or a hangout session for Laselle students given its spacious surrounding and long tables. The place feels like a coffee joint with all its trendy magazines and displays.

My friends and i ordered 4 plates of thin crusted pizzas for dinner but the one we loved most was the salmon pizza and the roasted duck pizza. Crispy and flavorful, 4 pizzas were not enough for the 8 of us which was why we ordered 2 more. It was only later that i realise that this restaurant is actually a school canteen. Unbelievable.

15 minutes uses long tables for its setting which i feel is a disadvantage. Bonding with friends along a long table does not allow a smooth flow of conversation throughout the meal.

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