M March 20, 2012
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not my favourite.
Overall Experience 
Although Zouk is just five-minutes away from where I stay, I do not frequent there much at all. I would rather travel the distance for some other clubs. Zouk has plenty of clubs in there which plays different types of music. The dance floor at Zouk can be said to be pretty small as compared to other clubs. When it gets too squeezy and stuffy, you just won't enjoy it at all. Not a single bit as half the time you would be squeezing around trying to get from the bar to the dance floor and from the dance floor out to the common area to gather with your friends.

Music wise, I have no complaints. Generic clubbing songs heard everywhere. Sometimes they do invite exclusive DJs to perform. The music will then depend on the style of the DJ. The queue to get into the club on a weekend can get overwhelming as well as the bouncers are pretty strict about checking, which is good in my opinion. If you're lucky to get on the guest list, which is usually added only by someone like the bouncer or performing DJ, then you won't have to join the common queue. During my visit there, there was a fight just outside the club and as the area outside the club isn't very spacious, safety is a concern when fights occur.

Something positive would be that cheap alcohol are available at a mini shop inside Holiday Inn. Ask the frequent patronizers of Zouk and they would tell you where.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1