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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 629
For the young and wild
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Zouk is one of Singapore's more popular nightspots for the youngsters. Although it isn't located at one of the most prime or convenient locations, it still remains as one of the clubbing hotspots for those aged 18-25.

Wednesday nights are mambo nights at Zouk, and if you've never gone for a mambo night before, it would be an interesting experience watching everyone dancing to oldies with dance steps which they've memorized by hard. It's amazing to see how many people actually know the steps to these songs and how much they're enjoying themselves. Enjoyment level here on a Wednesday night would definitely be 10/10.

However, Zouk on weekends are slightly less enjoyable - I guess because of the crowd. Then again, that isn't so much of a factor since the crowd usually spills over to Phuture (which, most of the time, is actually more crowded than Zouk).

It is rare to see fights breaking out here, perhaps because the level of security here is high. And I don't see why not, especially since it's such a big joint. Towards the end of the night, it would be interesting to head outside and people watch - simply because you will often see people stumbling out dead drunk and end up sleeping on the floor outside Zouk. Sadistic as this sounds, it's actually quite an interesting sight...

And apart from all of that, I would suppose it's also worth a mention that Zouk attracts most of the pretty ladies...

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