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Home to many party enthusiasts both local and international, Zouk is by far one of the most popular nightclubs here in Singapore today. The reputable club has gained its recognition in the local partying scene for the wide range of parties it hosts - from the annual Zoukout event to having frequent international big names like Afrojack and Hardwell spin at the club. As to why Zouk is still by far my favourite is the fact that I get to enjoy hearing such djs spin at extremely affordable prices while having my friends right by my side to party with.

On a regular night, the club lacks no attendance as it is packed with excited individuals ready to have a good time. The music and ambiance of the club appeals to the likes of party-goers as the heart-pumping music just leaves you dancing from the start till the lights come on. Personally I like how the dance floors are strategically spaced near the bars, but just at a right distance so as to not obstruct the excited dancers. Despite its modern beats, it still attempts to engage some old-school by having its weekly Mambo Jumbo Wednesdays. The members area also appeals to many as it provides a certain exclusivity, having their own bar, dance floor and more personalised service.

The club restrooms are also frequently maintained during the night, which is a big plus point as no one would like to deal with the stench of puke or a filthy toilet admist having a good time at the club. However, the bag drop efficiency could be improved as the anti-climatic queues at the end of the night to collect one's belongings could be an essential mood-killer to what had been a great night.

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