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If you are an avid party-goer, Zouk definitely rings a bell. It is one of the most popular nightclubs in Singapore, comprising of 3 sections, namely Phuture, Zouk and Velvet. Out of the 3, I believe the most popular would be Phuture with it's DJ spinning hits R&B and hip-hop remixes. As a result of its popularity, the dancefloor is usually packed like sardines, especially on Fridays and Ladies' Night. It is advisable to get your entry chop early because some times, it will be fully housed and will restrict entry after. Zouk itself is also very popular with its mambo nights on Wednesdays and trance in-house music on the other nights.

Drinking in the club itself is an expensive affair, and usually people seek the cheaper alternative - to purchase a bottle from Holiday Inn and drinking outside by the bridge instead. It is a common sight to see party-goers flood the bridge before 12am, indulging in the alcohols before the real party starts inside.

The only downside of the place would be that within Phuture itself, it is usually so packed it is suffocating, so the company really matters. The night would be impeccable if you go with a huge group of fun-loving friends though!

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