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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 717
Someone somewhere should be regularly worshiped for creating Phuture Friday's.
(Updated: September 29, 2012)
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I got introduced to Phuture by accident, it become an addiction by delightful choice.

Me and my 12 friends were drinking (Zouk is conveniently location near Holiday Inn Atrium, a place known for its cheap, capable drinks) and they were discussing which club in Zouk they were going to go. I heard 3 names – Zouk itself, Velvet and Phuture. I thought Phuture was a bad misspelling and instantly disliked it, but my best friend wanted to go see so I stuck with the Phuture group.

I am not a very good decision maker, and I count this as one of the best decisions of my life. There is no single architecture more worthy of Singapore’s limited land than Phuture. I worship it.

Phuture blew me away with their fist-pumping music and classic club anthems. I heard my 2009 all-time favourites, I heard the newest music, I heard goodness. It was eargasm after eargasm. The tracks were sick and I was on enough alcohol, it fueled my happiness to an all-time high.

I have never been able to continually club for hours on end. I always needed more drinks to keep myself intoxicated and happy. But Phuture is different. The music was sensory heroine, the ambience was addictively powerful, and the crowd was out of the world.

I have never been so depressed stumbling out of a club until Phuture. I sat with my friends on the sidewalk, but whilst they were wondering how to split cabs and etcetera unimportant details, I was contemplating getting a home permit stay there.

I am content spending the rest of my teenage life kissing the ground Phuture stands on.

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