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Fire burning on the dance floor.
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Zouk is a familiar name to most youngsters in Singapore. I am sure many party go-ers would be familiar with this club. Being one of the most popular and established clubs in Singapore, it is often crowded on Ladies' Night and the weekends where long queues are expected. However, you have to be 18 and above to be granted permission into Zouk. But fret not, underaged parties are often held in Zouk too, for teenagers who are 16 and above.

Zouk comprise of Phuture, the main Zouk room and Velvet underground. I personally like to go Phuture and Zouk. Phuture plays R&B and also remix of the pop songs whereas Zouk plays retro songs on wednesday nights and trance on all other nights. I spent my 22nd birthday celebration at Phuture, after drinking with my friends at a bridge nearby. Speaking of this bridge, that is where most people sit around it and drink to their hearts' fill. The party usually starts getting exciting at around 12am, where faster paced songs are played and lights shine on us in all directions. I would say it is a great way to release stress as you dance to the beat of the music, feeling high from the alcohol intake and shout the lyrics to the songs. However, at times, some of them might vomit on the dance floor due to the fact that they are drunk and this might cause inconvenience to the others who are having fun dancing. Also, on wednesdays and weekends when it is more packed, it would be hard for you to squeeze your way out of the crowds to go to the washroom or to even grab a drink. The washrooms might at times reek of vomit too.

All in all, it is a fantastic place to hang out and dance with your friends while enjoying the loud beating music. Party-goers would definitely love to visit Zouk and let down their hair or even, meet some new friends at the same time.

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