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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 633
Getting too old for this
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Sometimes I wonder when I will ever get bored going to this place. It seems like every time when my CCA organises post exam party it is always held at Zouk. Well so throughout my 4 years of tertiary life, I have seen this place just a couple of times. Zouk, comprises of Wine Bar, Phuture, Zouk and Velvet Underground. Phuture plays R&B, main dance floor Zouk usually has guest DJs and Velvet plays house.

It gets really crowded when there are popular guest DJs, although I can't really judge accurately cause I've only been to one guest DJ performance. Sadly when the school buys out the venue the ticket sales never really hits the target and usually the place will be less crowded than usual. On normal days, Citibank members get free entries and 1-for-1 drinks at Wine Bar though, so that is pretty awesome. Getting too old for this kinda things, definitely a place to experience while you are young.

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