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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 629
Best place to let loose and have fun!
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Haven’t been the party person a year ago but after my first experience with Zouk in March this year, I haven’t since set foot into another club! Zouk sections out into Phuture, Zouk and Velvet, playing the music genres of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Hip-hop and Down-tempo.

Phuture- Where all the youngsters go
Zouk: About the same as Phuture but I find that the DJ seriously lacks musicality(pardon me). Like every time the song is about to reach the climax, they’ll change the song. ?!?!?!
Velvet: For the mature crowd, lots of LED lights.

Drinks are priced rather reasonably at the wine bar. Cover charge is $25 for the ladies and $33/35 for the men. Entry comes with 2 house pours! Though for the ladies, if your wallets are a little tight lately, try pulling some ropes and get your name included in the guestlist! *nudges* Hahahahah.

All in all, I love Phuture the best for their DJ-ing and music selections! Though it is the occasional sausage fest, with the right company and great music, I believe we could all make exceptions! Just take more care. Well, after all, being the 5th best club in the world.. how bad can it get?
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