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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 633
Nice music & atmosphere, but very packed
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Zouk is one of the most popular night-life destination in Singapore. It’s the top choice of many youngsters who are looking to party and club the night away.

If you are going to Zouk, do be prepared to see large crowds on the dance floor. This is especially the case on Wednesdays, which are “Ladies’ Nights” and entry for ladies is free. You will not get much space to move around, let alone dance to the music, as the crowd will be packed like sardines. An advice – the guys should dance around your own female friends to prevent them from becoming victims to any outrage of modesty, as there have been such cases before.

The common practice is to drink alcohol before entering Zouk, as it is definitely more costly buying alcohol inside. However, do be careful not to get drunk or wasted even before you get inside, as it is quite common for people to do so.

Nonetheless, Zouk is still the place to go to if you are looking for hot music remixes and the party atmosphere. The DJs there are also pretty popular. For one, DJ Ghetto did a pretty good job rousing the crowd.

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