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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 633
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Everyone knows what Zouk is and what it stands for, clearly this must mean something aye?
Well, Zouk is one of the oldest clubs in singapore and have been known to many as a place we can all have fun, fit for all ages.

After visiting so many clubs in singapore, I never fail to return to this place as Zouk is the only place where I can get my ultimate clubbing experience and I would recommend this club for any friends or tourists who are coming from overseas as this is the only place you can get the true blue clubbing experience here in Singapore.

As you already know, zouk has 4 different complexes, and I generally always frequent Phuture, Zouk itself and Velvet lounge. Despite the higher prices for the entry as well as the bottles which I open, I am more than willing to pay for the wonderful time and service which is comparable to none. Indeed, Zouk is the only place you can get solid music and awesome world-renowned DJs coming in on special nights for their events. Their calendar is always filled with popular DJs like David Guetta and Emma Hewitt who come into Zouk and get the party started!

Not to mention, their bouncers sure know how to make the place safe and provide a high level of security. There was once, a friend of mine actually got a very serious cut in her heels, the security personnel immediately escorted me out of Zouk through a special exit into the back where they had medics on standby and wasted no time in attending to my friend. Such awesome service for their patrons indeed!

Zouk is no doubt the only place to be if you want to have a crazy, wild yet safe night!

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