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M June 05, 2013
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Weekday Opening Hours:
6pm - Till Late
Weekend Opening Hours:
10pm - Till Late
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> $50

Located in central Singapore and right beside the iconic arts theatre Esplanade, Mansion Bay allows tourists to be exposed to carious cultural features in Singapore (Esplanade, Makan Sutra, Singapore River, Mansion), and thus bringing ease to the planning for a vibrant nightlife. The venue is a fusion of 3 concepts that will leave party- goers, night owls and business associates spoilt for choices. Within a single location, one can indulge in the alfresco bar, "M Bar", for numerous choices of standard house drinks, or be seen by the party crowd in the massive dance club, "Mansion". If you are looking for a place to enjoy music and have conversations with friends or business associates, " Madison Lounge" on the 2nd level will be the ideal place. 

A unique feature of the club will be the extensive installations of LED light panels on the walls, bar counter and more, which maximize the clubbing experience of party- goers. With the state of art sound system, and the combination of 2 concepts to cater to various crowds, Mansion Bay will provide an experiential Singapore nightlife to locals and tourists alike.



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Decent club with the useful addition of a separate bar
Overall Experience 
Having a friend who works at Mansion as a promoter is the main reason that I ended up going most nights, but it turned out that most of the time, it was worth getting dressed up and having to sacrifice my beloved bed. One of my favourite nights out in Singapore, a UV paint party, happened here, and despite the police raid at the beginning of the night and having to try and get a cab dripping in paint, it was ridiculously fun. I also really love how they have the separate M bar just outside, the perfect place to escape when you need 5 minutes away from the deafening EDM.

It’s in a great location, right next to loads of food and a road you can almost instantly get a cab from, there’s also a nice open area outside the club where you can meet friends before or after. The drinks are obviously overpriced and filled with ice, with it being a club and all, but the outside bar means that you can just pop there if you fancy a drink. It’s always just the right amount of busy, you can still move around, but it’s not empty enough to feel painfully awkward.

It’s the club that I’ve been to most often, and although not amazing, it is ok as far as clubs go. The music isn’t my style but that’s the same with all clubs, and sometimes the crowd is a bit off, hence the police raid on one of my trips. All in all though, a pretty decent club with good events, the Halloween and UV Parties are my favourites, so try and give them a visit.
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