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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 347
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Located at the heart of singapore's nightlife district, Helipad looks promising to be the next hotspot for partying. On ladies night wednesdays, ladies who come in groups of 4 are offered a free bottle of alcohol. Free entry and free booze, what more could anyone ask for?

The club recently introduced Sourfly, an unique vodka mix popular amongst alcohol lovers, that was first a trademark of sister club Homeclub. A must try, you'll see everyone holding a bottle of Sourfly when you enter the club. Smooth and tasty, do not miss out on this beverage when you're there!

Amidst all that, there are a couple of points that might be a turn off. With the dancefloor already small enough, the bar had to be positioned right smack in the middle of it, making it smaller and sqeezier as it already is. To top it off, the bartenders look to be inefficient as people unsure where to place their orders shout for the bartenders from every direction, causing mayhem in the bar. Don't blame the bartenders, blame the poor system.

So apart from having to wait a long time for your drinks, one other turn off would be the size of the toilet. They are ridiculously small and cramped. The queue even for the guys is insane. No advice on this segment, just brace yourselves for the long wait.

Albeit there is plenty of waiting to be done, do give this promising club a shot. Every journey has a black mark to look out for, Helipad is no exception. If you're willing to look past these 2 points, I assure you a great time at this club. Warm staff, friendly atmosphere, good music and a unique beverage poses a good enough argument for you to try it out.

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