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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 347
Helipad sounds dangerous and exotic, but unfortunately.
(Updated: October 01, 2012)
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Helipad is, in definition, a landing place for helicopters.

You see, sober me knows my dictionary terms. Drunk me didn't, drunk me just declared, "Zirca is full, let's go to Helipad! whoa Helipad sounds really cool. and it's 5 floors up?! SO I CAN LITERALLY GET HIGH?!" and other nonsensical outbursts so my friends caved in.

As it turned out, I was the scapegoat for all their misfortunes that night.

While ladies managed to get in free, guys had to pay a $23, not too bad for a club. But the place itself was quite a let-down. The dance-floor was terribly small and the lights were predictable and repetitive.

There were no smoke jets (very common in zirca and zouk) or a change of lighting. The drinks weren't too bad but no point getting high only to realize the dance-floor is full. The music got gradually stale. It gave me the overall feel of having all my senses dulled. Nothing too exciting nothing too boring. Just manageable.

So of course, by the time drunk me sobered up, it was a sign to my friends that they can start blaming me for my choice of the club for that night and it was me graciously accepting them accusations and loudly exclaiming my lack of apology.

Now even drunk me steers away from Helipad.

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