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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 347
Either book this place out or go on weekdays
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Helipad gives a connotation that is is somewhere very high up on a building for one to enjoy a great view and alcohol. It didn't meet the full aspects of my standards though.

Getting to helipad is sort of a breeze. Located at Central Shopping Centre above Clarke Quay MRT, it seems pretty easy to find it. Nonetheless, it is only accessible from the car-park at level 5 so if you are going on foot take the lift or the escalator to level 5 and sure enough you will see it with not much difficulty there after.

The concept of the bar/club rocks. With a elevator like door, it gives you the feeling that you are going up to somewhere fun. The lighting when you enter are also motion-sensor triggered, making every entrance when you are sober very appealing. Unlike most clubs, the dance-floor is a huge disappointment with a space barely big enough for 30 people side to side. The DJ deck was a little bit too cramp was what I found out from the guest DJ but the equipment here rocked compared to other clubs.

The drinks here are decent, paired with a decent service if the night is either still young or the crowd is non-existent. The view was a camera-worthy, but not worth the trouble. If you are not tolerant of people smoking that please note that the view can only be seen from the smoking area outside the club.

This business had the mindset of something great but falls short due to its space constraints and service standards. Improving on the two in a highly expensive place like Clarke Quay would be a mammoth task, but I guess I will wait for something great to come sweep me away.

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