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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 347
Friends that make the club fun
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While this club closed down before I had a chance to try it, I always saw my friends checking in to this club frequently with their foursquare. It seemed like it was a popular place to be. Too bad I never had the chance to try it. If only if I was a year older when it was still open, I wonder what the experience would have been like.

The only downside to this place would be the size of the club. However, despite the small size, many of my friends enjoyed this club the most. Not only was the music good to dance to, most of the time because of the space constraints they were able to have more fun with their friends. It seems to be that although this club was one of the more "fun" clubs to be at, their company was the one that made the club even more exciting than the club itself.

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