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Clubs M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 347
Cramp, small and squeezy.
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My friend was chanting off the club's name to convince the group to visit the club that he wanted to since forever, or so he claimed, so we obliged. To get there, head to Clark Quay's Central and take the elevator up. Walk through the carpark and when you see the line, that's where the party is at. While waiting to enter the club, you'll see a number people forming their own small group all over the carpark, taking a smoke. Step inside the club and you'll understand why.

The club was smaller than most, the smallest I've ever been to. Right in front of the entrance is the bar, a small island bar, on the right were couches (probably for the VIPs) and a straight line of table, with no seats. Further in was the tiniest dance floor you've seen and right in the middle of that dance floor is a platform, and then stuffed in the corner was the DJ turntable. That'd my friends, would be the interior.

My friends and ( a group of 7) had to squeezed our way through to get some space at the table for our two bottle of vodka. The loud music was nice, just nice. not too awesome but not that bad as well. I was pleasantly surprise when Big Bang's and 2NE1's music was played. Blame it on my Kpop addiction but it says one thing about the club. Music is universal may very well be it's motto. The crowd didn't seemed to mind it either with people fist pumping, dancing and singing along to the foreign words they wished they knew.

It would had been a wonderful visit if the place wasn't cramp. Our group didn't even get to step out on the dance floor. The people on the dance floor and platform suffered worse fate than sardines packed in a tin.

Service wasn't exactly good either, we had to call the waiter out so many times before they finally got our orders down. Not efficient at all. Maybe it was the cramp space that caused the time lag, but whatever it is, it could had been better.

This is a definitely a place where you would only enjoy if you have your closest buddies/homies who could make even the worse situation good.Other than that, I suggest going to other clubs instead. There's many other good ones when you're so near to the cannery.

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