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LAN & Video Games A audrey-oh May 18, 2012 199
Fun with a hefty price
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Timezone is THE arcade in Singapore with many branches strategically placed in shopping malls oft-visited by youths. There, you would find what you were expecting for like Daytona, Para-para and DDR dance machines, prize-catching machines, shooting, bowling, basketball, whack-a-mole games and the likes. Recently added are also the neoprint machines to complete the experience. However, neoprint machines at Timezone are often found to be very dismal on the inside with litter and dirt marks over.

The last time I've been there, all I can think of is how much Timezone has morphed into a profit-guzzling company aimed at exploiting pocket-money. The games are ridiculously priced now even with inflation. With $5, it'll equate to probably 2-3 games played within a span of 10 minutes tops.

In addition, customer service is drab. When enquiring the retail store person about the rules or how-to to the game, she simply gave us a brief 2-lined reply, looking rather "sian" with me. In a nutshell, the money I paid for that game was wasted - $2 lost within less than a minute. I'm just thankful that the allure of arcades does not entice me at this age anymore.

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