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LAN & Video Games B bojio October 17, 2012 4099
Great hangout!
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I remember being dragged over by my friends the first time there, reluctant to go. I mean, seriously? You'd pay to rent and play video games? I was'nt a really big fan of video games then.

But then I soon realised that yes, I'd pay for this.

There's a wide selection of video games to choose from. There was a dancing game me and my friends initially picked, which we failed terribly at. We basically had no sense of co-ordination. We then decided on some competitive racing game so that the four of us could battle it out on screen. I never thought it'd be that fun!

One thing though, there was hardly any privacy unless you got a room, which was limited. Unless you have a huge group or there's no more stations available outside, it was unlikely you get a room. I was hence utterly embarrased during my attempt for the dancing game.

I had a blast, definitely. It was my first gaming experience, an experience I never thought I'd have. Before I knew it, the sky was dark, three hours was up and I had to stop before I burned a hole in my pocket.

I don't blame my friends as much for dragging me in as much afterwards..
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