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LAN & Video Games B bojio October 17, 2012 4106
Great place to hangout with a group of close friends!
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
It is a great place to chill, have fun or go crazy with your close friends as there are many types of games to keep you guys entertained. You can go for the rooms if you want privacy and if it is available. Playnation is more for groups of friends rather than couples(or duos) as most of the games are more enjoyable with multiplayers.

Go on weekdays or non peak hours to avoid the crowd. Or else you will have to be placed on the waiting list. The honey mango drink is really addictive and the best thing is - it is free flow off peak hours as a package.

If you cannot connect anything, just call for the friendly staff and they will get it done quicker. Don't waste precious minutes trying to figure the thing out! Try as many games as you can and have lots of fun!

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