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video games are awesome!
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Let’s face it. Who do not love games? And whether you like board games or video games, Playnation has both. They even cook for you! I mean, they have a food menu if you get hungry after dancing to Britney Spear’s Toxic on Kinect.

I always patronize Playnation at Scape because it is very near the Somerset MRT and the crowd is much younger there. I am young! Don’t judge me.

I use to patronize the outlet at Prinsep but the location is just way too far for my fat legs so I will always persuade my friends to go Scape’s outlet instead. What I love about Playnation are the packages they offer for gaming. It’s much more affordable and especially so when you are with a group. The food is good as well but don't expect anything fanciful.

What I do not like is the service there. The staffs are not really that attentive to customers gaming to actually realize that I’m looking around for someone to change my Wii remote controller’s batteries. I can’t blame them anyways. I would rather watch customers play Rock Band than attend to customers’ needs.

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Rock Band!
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