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Others D denise-chia February 04, 2014 728
Really fun!
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I went to Xcape Singapore with my CCA mates today, 8 of us in total. We booked the Resident Evil room yesterday night for 4pm. Here is a word of advice - DO NOT BE LATE! We were slightly late but we were not given extra time; although we arrived late, our time was up at exactly 5pm. In fact, it's good to be slightly earlier as we also took time to put our belongings in the lockers (no phones, bags, cameras etc. allowed) and to sign a declaration form.

We were separated into 2 groups of 4 and locked in different sections of the Resident Evil room, with just a partition wall separating the two groups. There were many puzzles to solve and surprises to be found. Before long, we were stuck and our time was up. To our horror, the staff member told us we'd only solved about 50% of the puzzle to figure out how to escape the room - how disappointing.

Overall it was a really fun and bonding experience and I'd definitely like to go again, but to a different room of course! However, it was slightly pricey ($148, but was reasonable after we split it among the 8 of us). It was a really unique challenge! :)

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