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Bonding Experience!
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The first time I heard about this cafe, I thought that it was a pretty neat idea. I was introduced about it by my cousin and we went to the outlet located in Safra Tampines. When we entered the cafe, the first thing I noticed was the vastness of the place. It was bigger than I thought and there were plenty of chairs, sofas and tables for everyone. On that day when I came, I was surprised that weren't much people in there. Probably it's because we went during the school holidays.

Located at the corner of the cafe is an immense collection of board games! There are so many different types of games to choose from. Also, there are 4 different board gaming packages available for customers depending on the time and day though it's always best to come on weekdays. Prices of the packages are a few dollars higher during the weekends than compared to weekdays.

So if you enjoy board gaming with friends and family, this is the place for you! The best package I would recommend is the Value Lunch from 12pm to 3pm. On weekdays for just $10, you'd get 1 main course with 1 salad and drink of your choice. However, this deal is only available at the outlets in Funan and Safra Tampines. But fret not! The next best thing would be the Happy Hours. With 4 hours of board gaming and free flow of drinks for just $6, that is definitely worth the experience.

In my opinion, I feel that 2 hours of board gaming is more than enough because I'm not exactly the board gaming kind of person. I got bored after 3 games. If you're a lady and you are like me whose not really into board games but you just want to have a try, you might want to come on a Tuesday 6pm onwards. Ladies get to play for free!

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