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Others B bxbong April 05, 2013 692
Quite a large venue, but remains intimate
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When one of my favourite Indie Rock bands announced that they would be performing in Singapore, I was both excited yet nervous. Wrongfully I thought that a rock concert in Singapore would be on the tame side, with lots of security telling people not to push against each other too hard and amongst other fun ruining rules. What I found instead, was that the Coliseum was the perfect venue and created an electric atmosphere.

I also wrongly presumed that as it was at the Hard Rock Hotel, it would be in an oversized room and the atmosphere would be lost, but what I was instead met with was an intimate space, just the right size and allowing us to be up close and personal with the band itself. It gave the feeling of being in a small venue back when the band were first forming and even though I had seen the band previously at a festival, at the Coliseum it was just a whole new level.

The negatives were those that often come with music venues, not being able to bring in your own bottles of water, understandably for safety reasons, but then ridiculously overcharging for bottles of water and beer inside the venue. Also, a major design flaw is revealed when everyone tries to leave, the one small entry/exit which everyone slowly passed through to get in, suddenly faces everyone trying to get out all at once. You end up standing in a hot, sweaty pile of people getting nowhere for 20 minutes and just generally feeling uncomfortable. Minor flaws with an otherwise decent venue.
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