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Others I iswariya October 17, 2012 317
good hangout
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Located on the 4th floor of AMKHub beside the Cathay Cineplex, Nebo is a cafe which screams "YOUTH" to all who pass by. It is a simple looking cafe with good set meals starting from $7. I ordered their nachos and an egg mayo sandwich on panini bread. While waiting, we were informed that we could help ourselves to any board game which was complimentary for 2 hours. Looking through their variety of games available, I was sufficiently impressed. I counted more than 30 games available, all of which were designed to help you while the hours away.

When my food arrives, I was already in the midst of an engaging game of Risk. The nachos were plentiful, although the cheese on them was ice-cold. This was simply disappointing. The egg mayo sandwich fared slightly better, with the panini bread being exceptionally soft. I would recommend this place as a good hangout, but do not expect too much from the culinary side.
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