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friends gathering
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Nebo has been in the ang mo kio hub for a few years now so i am surprised to see no reviews about this restaurant. I was there with 4 friends for a dinner gathering and we decided to try nebo since one of us had a coupon card.

I love the cozy atmosphere of the place. It felt like a smaller version of Mind Cafe. The food served was good, some of us had pasta and some of us had baked rice. Another interesting factor was the board games they had which we did not help ourselves to because we were too busy catching up. Catching up is important!

I love the fact that this restaurant has ice cream as well. We stayed there for a long time because we ordered a sundae of 6 ice cream and stuffed ourselves full. However, the choice of ice cream is limited which i feel is slightly disappointing and could be improved on.
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