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Cinemas & IMAX M malcolm-baey April 16, 2012 1287
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The reason why I would go to Cathay Cineplexes is because of the cheap movie tickets! If you pay by nets or are a student, you can get movie tickets for only $6 between certain timings. This is an extremely good deal if you ask me, because nowadays movie tickets are usually $8.50 and above!

That said, Cathay itself does not have anything that interests me. The retail outlets are more higher-end and sell clothings at pretty expensive prices, and the food outlets are also average. It would not be a place I would specially go to eat or hang out.

The location is also less convenient than going to Plaza Singapura, which is right outside the MRT station. Going to Cathay requires either crossing several traffic lights that take an extremely long time to change or crossing a precarious stretch of road that has no specific barrier meant for people to cross via the taxi stand area.

Nonetheless, Cathay is a good place to watch movies as the cinema is very large and you have a high chance of getting tickets for popular movies. In addition, the cinema food has much more variety, such as potato wedges and chicken nuggets as compared to other cinemas. Even though it is pricey, this is standard for all cinema food and I do not mind it especially when I can share the cost with my friends.

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