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A Family Cinema
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Overall Rating 
Stategically located in the midst of film schools such as Lasalle College of the Arts, Sota School of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Museums namely Singapore Arts Musuem and The National Museum, The Cathay pays tribute to the art of filmmaking.

The Hype is always at the 5th Floor Cineplex where flocks of patrons queue up for the latest commercial films. Staying true to its agenda, The Picturehouse is a bonus movie suite, screening festivals films and is frequent by avid film lovers, local and overseas filmmakers. It is also one of the hangout places for private screenings due to its professional screening equipment and technicians readily available.

If you are looking to catch some films shot in different perspectives and stylistic methods, yes! The Cathay Cineplex – The Picturehouse is the only cinema suite that caters to that need. Are art films all boring? Oh no! Be surprised at what is served onto your plate. You might get mind blown or probing messages from the films. The prices of these films tickets cost the same rate as commercials films unless otherwise at rare occasions.

I am an avid fan of The Picturehouse and The Cathay Cineplex. The seats in The Picturehouse can contain around 80 patrons, very wide and comfortable. So comfortable that one may fall asleep in the midst of comfort and air con.

The seating plans of The Cathay Cineplex cater to mass audience. Comfortable and very well spread out. No stupid protruding pillars or toilets built at the side of the cinemas. This helps to prevent distractions from toilet-visiting people.
The Cinema screen is wide and at comfortable height. One can almost feel like being part of the film. It’s just so surround.

The Cathay Cineplex feels like a family-cinema in comparison to Golden Village or Shaw or Eng Wah or Film Garde.

One is able to catch similar movies showing in Golden Village. What’s the next highlight?
The Nachos and Fried Chicken chunks are delicious! The cheese is so authentic and yes, very cheesy and fragrant. A sandwich counter is available for super hungry patrons. Prices are reasonable.

The Cathay Gallery located on the 2nd floor is an initiative to showcase the history of The Cathay Building that has existed for over 70 years.

For non-moviegoers, there are ample of shops, restaurants and cafes to hang out at.
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