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Cinemas & IMAX M malcolm-baey April 16, 2012 1287
Sexy, classy
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The Cathay is right next to school, it is inevitable to walk by or visit the place during the school term. There is something really classy about the glassy building with a huge "Cathay" word printed down the entrance. I guess like me, most people will be able to relate to Cathay as a venue for movies or a place to dine at.

Unlike other malls, Cathay doesn't have much of the conventional retail chains and that is probably what makes this mall stand out from Plaza Sing, it's next door neighbour. If I'm in the mood, I will usually head to Starbucks for a cup of coffee as this is the nearest Starbucks to school. Movies at the Cathay are the main distraction during the school term when the semester gets too much into your head and you really just need that break away from all the frustration of studies. In addition to that, fans of fast food chain Popeyes rejoiced when they opened an outlet there not so long ago. The best part about Cathay are the decorations especially during festive seasons like Christmas and New Year.

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Festive decorations
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